Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Job Documents Submission Guide

Important Things to Remember!
  1. You will be using Google Docs for everything. DO NOT email or upload docx or hwp files.  
  2. Create one document that includes your resume and cover letter.
  3. Name your Document appropriately.
    (‘Kim Yuna  20153215 Job Documents’- not ‘My Resume’)
  4. Visit the BUFSJobs.blogspot.kr site for useful resources.
  5. Important Dates:  
    Submit your Job Materials by November 14
    Professors will make comments and edits by November 30.


1) Go to Bufsjobs.blogspot.kr and look through the Resume and Cover Letter Writing Tips.

2)  When you are ready to create your own, go to drive.google.com and create a new document.
Please DO NOT upload Word or HWP files.

3) Change the Title to  ‘‘Your Name Student #, Job Documents’ (e.g.  Kim Yuna 20131234 Job Documents’)
This document will be used for your Resume and Cover Letter.  Do not create separate documents.

4) Copy and paste from examples in the Resume & Cover Letter Template Folder and then edit to enter your content. If you prefer, you can start from scratch and format the document yourself. You do not need to save the document. It is automatically saved every 5 seconds.

5) When finished editing Click ‘Share’
6) Enter ‘bufsenglishdept@gmail.com and click ‘Send’.

7) After your document has been edited and commented on by a professor, you will receive an email notification.

Comments will appear on the side.
To see edits that have been made, click
‘File/ Version History/ See version history’

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